About JB

Speaker Bio

For over three decades, JB Herrera has distinguished himself as a luminary in values-based business practices, seamlessly weaving his immense entrepreneurial wisdom into compelling narratives. With a style that is professional yet infused with warmth, JB masterfully blends storytelling with audience-specific allegories, ensuring a deep connection to his messages. Attendees of his sessions particularly revel in his interactive “hot seat” segments where real-time challenges meet tested principles.

At the heart of technological epochs, from Apple’s Macintosh inception to the groundbreaking iPhone, JB’s journey has been one of innovation and insight. Having founded six companies, three of which achieved monumental success, his story is rich with the tapestry of business highs, learnings, and unparalleled expertise.

Often termed a ‘business alchemist’, JB’s magic is his unparalleled knack for synthesizing diverse industry solutions. His speaking engagements span pivotal topics in today’s AI-driven landscape, including ‘Don’t Hyperventilate on AI. You Can Use AI Efficiently, Practically and Ethically’. ‘Using AI to Increase Your Performance – Designing Strategy and Delivering Products in Weeks Instead of Months (Or Years!)’. Whether delivering impactful keynotes or diving deep in workshop-style sessions, JB ensures thorough understanding and engagement.

In inviting JB Herrera to speak, you’re not just securing an expert; you’re gaining a mentor, a visionary, and an impactful storyteller who brilliantly bridges values-based business practices with the cutting-edge realities of AI. Away from the limelight, JB hails from Sacramento, CA with his wife Kim and their two four-legged kids, Trixie and Guinness.